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Invoice 2go — Invoice and Estimate. Templates and Tools to Invoice on the go
Invoice 2go — Invoice and Estimate. Templates and Tools to Invoice on the go
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Invoice 2go — Invoice and Estimate. Templates and Tools to Invoice on the go
Invoice 2go — Invoice and Estimate. Templates and Tools to Invoice on the go (View in iTunes)
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$24.99 Starter Package - 12 month
$49.99 Pro Package - 12 months
$99.99 Pro Package - 12 months
$49.99 Starter Package - 12 month
$24.99 Upgrade Starter to Pro
$74.99 Enterprise package - 12 months
$149.99 Enterprise package - 12 months
$49.99 Upgrade Starter to Pro
$24.99 Upgrade Pro to Enterprise
$49.99 Upgrade Starter to Enterprise
Invoice 2go makes it easy for small business owners to create professional invoices and accept payments on the go. We are the ideal invoicing solution for all types of businesses— from plumbers to dog walkers, web designers to electricians. Stay organized and save time with our cloud-based invoice app, available for iPhone and iPad. If you have Apple Watch and our Pro or Enterprise account, you can track time on the job, create invoices and receive payment notifications.

Here’s how the app works:
- Choose from one of more than 20 invoice templates. Customize your invoice with your business logo or use our tool to design a new one.

- Create your first invoice on an iPhone or iPad. You can even invoice on the spot — right when you finish a job.

- Or, draw up an estimate. Include a description of your business products or services, along with predicted rates and times. You can also customize your estimate to match the needs of a specific customer. When the job is accepted you can then swap your estimate into an invoice.

- Get paid by debit or credit card. You can accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover online payment options.
Turning this feature on means a “Pay Now” button will be included on every invoice you send. Your customers can now pay your invoices online.

- Do nothing (yet stay organized). After an invoice or estimate is sent, it automatically goes into a designated folder as you await payment. You’ll always have everything you need for weekly, monthly or yearly accounting.

- Relax and enjoy. We’ll let you know when your invoices have been paid and when you need to follow up with a late customer.

Some additional features include:
- Receipts: Skip shoebox accounting. Instead, save photos of your receipts and generate expense reports for your accountant or customers.

- Document Signing: Turn off your printer. Now your customers can sign documents on your iPad or iPhone.

- Statements: Send your customers a full update of their accounts, including paid and unpaid invoices.

- Calendars: Add time entries for jobs and then upload them to your invoices and estimates.

- Maps: Insert location information into documents to keep track of your most popular neighborhoods or cities.

- Scanning: Add barcodes and QR codes to invoices by scanning the information you need.

Invoice 2go: Simple, professional invoice templates, invoice generator, PDF invoices and estimates, billing, receipt tracking, time tracking and business reporting — all rolled up into one easy to use app!

Ready to get started? Download our invoice app today. You can create up to 3 free professional invoices before choosing an annual plan.

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