Recood Video Camera Pro & Social
Recood Video Camera Pro & Social
Ahiku Corp
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Recood Video Camera Pro & Social
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Developer: Ahiku Corp
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The most beautiful effects on video ever, even in real time!!
Incredible awesome effects you never seen before on other apps!!

Recood will make your happy, joyful and precious memories beautifully more than you can remember.

✓ Featured on iTunes Main on Australia & New Zealand
✓ Featured on Noteworth or What's Hot on Switzerland, Austria, Germany, South Korea and others

* Thank you for all your feedback from all around world!
•By JudyRoiy from United States about Recood Social Video Story Pro (version 1.4.0, Apple App Store) on Dec 20, 2012
This app has awesome effects I've never seen on the apps. Most incredible video filter!
•By m-e-g-a from Russian Federation about Recood Social Video Story Pro (version 1.4.5, Apple App Store) on Jan 06, 2013
Очень удобная программа для съемки стильного видео.
•By ゆきこんこん5 from Japan about Recood Social Video Story Pro (version 1.4.0, Apple App Store) on Dec 29, 2012
•By 주도비 from Korea about Recood Social Video Story Pro (version 1.4.0, Apple App Store) on Dec 22, 2012
좋아요 화질 선명하구요 특히 겨울 눈내리는필터 따뜻하고 예뻐요간단히 추억만들기 좋으세요.
•By AppJoyable from Australia about Recood Social Video Story Pro (version 1.2.0, Apple App Store) on Dec 18, 2012
Incredible and new christmas effects are awesome. I've never seen this like of filter on other apps.
Simple way to upload a video but it's beautiful!

In addition to the basic feature - recording videos, there are:
• A variety of sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, email & text message)
• Make a awesome video from your camera roll
• Automatic upload to Youtube
• Recording location tagging
• Communication through comments, mentions, and others
• Record and share a video up to 60 seconds

Special features of Recood:
• 'Real time' Video Filters - Video filter effects are easy to apply while recording video in real time.
• 'Fast' Recording - Recording and playing are fast as a photo.
• 'Ease' of Use - It's intuitive to use even for first-time users.


How to get free GOLDS
- Write a recommendation on Facebook or/and Twitter and get 50 Golds. (go to your page and tap gold button)
- Upload a video everyday then you get 10 Golds each.
- Invite your friends and get 50 Golds when friends signed up.

• Original Video Effect.
• Blood Negative Video Effect.
• Halftone Video Effect.
• Color Sketch Line Video Effect.
• Sketch Line Video Effect.
• Mosaic Tile Video Effect.
• Chaplin Style Video Effect.
• Film Noir Video Effect.
• Sepia Film Video Effect.
• Analog 3D Video Effect.
• Nostalgia Video Effect.
• Bubble Shine Video Effect.
• Aurora April Video Effect.
• Soda Spring Video Effect.
• Crazy Glass Video Effect.
+ more

The awesome things about Recood Pro:
☆ Really convenient and easy to record videos just as much as taking pictures.
☆ Supporting a variety of unique effects to make beautiful memories for a daily life.
☆ Supporting a simple sharing feature to enjoy with loved ones.

• Twitter:
• Facebook:

✓ This beautiful product, Recood has been building with you.
✓ New filters will be added soon!!
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