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Deity Wars
Deity Wars
Mobage, Inc.
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Deity Wars
Deity Wars (View in iTunes)
Developer: Mobage, Inc.
Game Center: No
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
$9.99 Bag of DC
$2.99 Satchel of DC
$19.99 Sack of DC
$0.99 Pouch of DC
$49.99 Case of DC
$99.99 Chest of DC
Join this epic fantasy card game and start collecting powerful cards to compete with REAL players to be the best in the world.

Harnessing the powers of mystic creatures you must embark on an epic adventure through a strange land where you will team up with friends, defeat powerful bosses and hope to uncover the mysteries of Deity Wars.

★★★★★“This is a fun game that may be too addictive for its own good. If you have ever played and enjoyed card battle games then you will enjoy this.”

★★★★★“Highly addictive, I personally find it easier to pick-up-and-play than a lot of other Card Games.”

★★★★★“Such an addictive game, great community and something for everyone. Questing, PvP, Guild Wars and Big Events.”

★ Hundreds of beautifully illustrated Anime cards dynamically change form by "evolving."

★ Boost your cards with treasure to make them more powerful and unique.
★ Team up with friends to defeat dangerous world bosses
★ Build or join a guild and battle for the #1 spot in the world!

★ Defeat mighty enemies with your friends and acquire fabulous rewards.
★ Take on your friends in PvP(Player v.s Player)

- Enhancing a card before evolving it does get you materials, but doesn't give the card a permanent bonus.”

- Get allies as fast as you can, and frequently check for raid bosses they're fighting so you can get free card packs for help!

Connect with other gamers on Facebook at Check out more games at, and follow us @Mobage on Twitter to get the latest news, deals, and help on our games.
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