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Developer: nebula entertainment ,sl
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TRACK & TRICKS is a fun and addictive track & field game with HYPER-intuitive controls and SUPER-simple gameplay.

And remember: Daring Your Friends = Fun + Credits!


The season is about to begin, and everyone's eyes are set on the stadium. Medals, records, chubby bodies, overtight full-body suits, bananas... Wait, what kind of a stadium is this?

Choose your character and country and get running in a split second. And because not everybody has truckloads of time to waste training, we provide a wonderful set of tricks that will make your life so much easier. Fair play is for those who can't afford the bananas!

Challenge a friend at anytime or pick a random opponent through GameCenter and gain thousands of prized credits that you can invest in new avatars or power-ups to boost your act.

TRACK & TRICKS, a game full of medals, trophies and glory. And bananas, did we mention the bananas?



★ Cutting-edge cartoon graphics in a full 3-D environment
★ Social at heart. Challenge your friends and thrive with the credits you earn!
★ Intuitive control system easy for everybody
★ Rockets, Shields, Bananas! Upgradable tricks designed for fun
★ Simple but engaging gameplay
★ Choose from 5 characters and 24 nationalities from around the globe!
★ Fight for the Credits, the Medals and the Trophies!
★ Endless fun. You won't be able to quit!
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