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Unicorn Rainbow Ride Gratuito
Unicorn Rainbow Ride Gratuito
Highway 1 Productions
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Unicorn Rainbow Ride Gratuito
Unicorn Rainbow Ride Gratuito (View in iTunes)
Developer: Highway 1 Productions
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$6.99 Magic Unicorn
$9.99 Kids Mode
$1.99 Colt Unicorn
$1.99 Arabian Unicorn
$1.99 Shetland Unicorn
$1.99 Clydesdale Unicorn
$1.99 Zebra Unicorn
$1.99 King Mustang Unicorn
$1.99 Pinto Unicorn
$0.99 No Ads
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Unicorn Rainbow Ride is a Glide and Fly game that is sure to be a top free app for kids, adults, and Unicorn lovers everywhere!

Fly the Magical Unicorns and Ride the Rainbows!

Unicorns are based on real horse breeds!

Soar through 5 beautifully unique environments, over 30 Levels!

Save over 30 animals that need your help to escape the rainstorm!

Collect gems along your journey to save the Princesses!!

Use Magical Harps to speed boost your Unicorns for record times!!

Fun and addicting game play for kids of all ages!!

Localized in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese !!

-5 Beautiful Environments to explore!
-Rescue 35 unique animals from the storm!
-Collect all 10 Unique Magical Unicorns based on real Horse breeds!
-Kids Mode is available if the game is too challenging!
-Each Environment has a themed Princess. Collect gems and find every Princess!
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