Ninja Must Die!
Ninja Must Die!
Yeqing Lu
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Ninja Must Die!
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Developer: Yeqing Lu
Game Center: Yes
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$1.99 Panda
$0.99 Pack of 5 NInja Scrolls
$1.99 Pack of 2000 coins
$4.99 Pack of 6000 coins
$14.99 Pack of 20000 coins
$1.99 Pack of 15 NInja Scrolls
$5.99 Pack of 50 NInja Scrolls
$19.99 Pack of 200 NInja Scrolls
The fantastic oriental ink graphics will show you an original Japanese Ninja World!

★incredible Japanese water-ink style graphics
★unique gamemode but easy to play
★smooth and super cool actions and stunts
★magnificent and powerful NInjutsu,such as Replication, shadow walk, blaze guardian and so on
★various challenging traps and enemies
★additional character panda and more fun from the game

So, what are you waiting for?Hunt for the Death and change the fate! All these are in this beautiful but cruel Ninja's World!

"Best ninja game ever on i-phone"

"Best run game I've ever played!!!!"

"The most coolest game ever. I think is the coolest game."

"Lots of fun, simple to play. Really nice twist on the graphics!"

"Simple controls, easy to kill time with, fun and immersive. What else needs to be said?"

"This game is really good and I love that you guys have captured the ninja theme, hand signs, and even the movement nice!!!! So can we have more weapons please lol!"
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