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Developer: Marbotic
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- "Because of how uniquely it operates and its ‘smart learning’ mode, ‘10 Fingers’ is a great app.” La Souris Grise
- App rated 19/20 by Déclickids: “An excellent app to learn about the concept of quantity and words representing numbers, as well as starting out counting numbers. We love it!”
- Winner of the Wouap Doo Apps 2012 competition in the Education category.


Learn how to count on your fingers by using Multitouch!

10 fingers offers children an intuitive game so they can become familiar with numbers and numerals. Children can also begin having fun with addition.

This innovative app uses the multi-touch feature on the iPad screen. When the child puts 3 fingers onto the screen, the digit “3” displays, and the word “three” is pronounced.

This app is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old. Younger children may enjoy 10 fingers once they start counting “1, 2, 3”.

“Free” mode lets children explore at their own pace: What if I put all my fingers on the screen? What about two fingers from each hand?
“Challenge” mode asks the child question, which must be answered by placing the right number of fingers onto the screen.

The app is inspired by Montessori pedagogy by promoting the acquisition of abstract concepts using concrete manipulation. A wooden number toy that interacts with the iPad can be used to play with the app and stimulate the child’s senses even further!

10 fingers trains children in:
-The concept of numbers and quantity
-Visual and auditory recognition of numbers
-The concept of addition
-Motor skills

This app has no advertising or in-app purchases. Useful information can be found in a Parents’ Corner.

10 Fingers is the first product from Marbotic, a publisher that designs and creates innovative educational solutions blending sensory material and digital interfaces.
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