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$9.99 1100 Crystal
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$48.99 5500 Crystal
Best of east meets west? The main meat of the game has leaving the city building mode, performing over 400 single player quests, campaigns and side missions against AI enemies, or heading online for as much player vs player action as you can shake a sword at. -Pocket Gamer

★★★★★ “This is the most awesome game and I just like the classical background music and fantastic 3D effect”
★★★★★ "It is one of the best games I have played on my iPad2!"
★★★★★ "My favorite game ever!! Can’t wait to find out the final culprit"

Gamers can have an unforgettable gaming experience even if they do not make in-app purchases. You may find yourself desperately addicted to the heroic 3D epic fantasy game with beautiful visuals, a grand musical score, diverse warrior classes, hordes of monsters, dungeons, and real-time challenges with other players.

-Please make sure your device is compatible with this App. Compatible devices include: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch and iPad 2 & New iPad. iPad 1 is not supported.
-Want to play your existing game on your new device? Make sure you login to the castle server to save your game stats for easily transferring your game to other devices.

The King of Stormvoldt has been assassinated and it is up to you and the Royal Guard to uncover the culprit behind the murder. Build out your encampment to strengthen your army and engage in strategic turn-based battles to defeat your enemies. Succeed and you just may live long enough to uncover a truth that is more than just eliminating the King.

- Participate in simulation style town-building! Manage resources wisely to expand your encampment to discover, upgrade, and forge new equipment and gems.
- Build out your encampment by collecting resources and constructing a variety of buildings.

- Raise an army of Soldiers, Archers, Scouts, Rogues, Wizards, Clerics, Knights, Lancers, Fighters, and Berserkers.
- Learn and upgrade skills and techniques for your troops to use in battle.
- Participate in over 400 events that include campaign missions, side-missions, town tasks, achievements, and more!

- A large cast of opponents for YOU to engage in 3D action filled strategic turn-based battles!
- Engage in various online Player vs. Player modes against players around the world!
- Explore dungeons to defeat evil monsters!
- Gain loot from victorious battles!

-300 + powerful weapons to buy
-200 + different tasks
-200 + goals to complete
-100 + properties to own
-100 + areas and dungeons to explore

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Follow us on Twitter at or like us on Facebook at to get more info about all our upcoming updates.

(The game in this app is completely independent and separate from the existing QQ game Realm of Swords on any other platform. Game currencies purchased/earned in this app cannot be consumed outside of the app. Similarly, any game currencies purchased/earned in Realm of Swords on any other platform cannot be used in this app either. The app doesn't use any QQ digital currency, such as Q币 or Q点.)
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