Flavor Monsters
Flavor Monsters
American Legacy Foundation
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Flavor Monsters
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Developer: American Legacy Foundation
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$1.99 2500 Flavor Coins
$4.99 6000 Flavor Coins
$0.99 1000 Flavor Coins
$19.99 30000 Flavor Coins
$9.99 12500 Flavor Coins

Your Mission: Flavor Monsters have invaded. Stop the gunk spread before it’s too late. You have become humanity’s first and last line of defense. Grab an Anti-Radiation Plasma Cannon, or some other sensationally sick hunting tool, and blast these little nasties away. Collect credits, upgrade tools and get friends to help. No city is safe. Humanity needs you.

Game tips and trailers at: FlavorMonsters.com

Download Flavor Monsters from truth games today. | Strategy-Based, Action Plot-Line, **Compatible iPhone 4 or newer** | **Requires iOS 5.1 or later**
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