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The Decision App – Models for Strategic Thinking
The Decision App – Models for Strategic Thinking
Kein & Aber AG
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The Decision App – Models for Strategic Thinking
The Decision App – Models for Strategic Thinking (View in iTunes)
Developer: Kein & Aber AG
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Visualize your goals and make the right decisions

This app will help you make decisions. Whether at home or at work, whether for yourself or a team: The
visual models in this app help you speedily analyze even the most complex situations and not lose sight of
the big picture.

Here’s how it works

Create your own models
The Decision App is a digital wall chart, a flipchart 2.0. The perfect tool for presentations, analyses and
brainstorming sessions: it’s quick and easy to draw your own models (for example an x/y matrix) and you
can use the intuitive freehand drawing function to highlight important items, to point towards key factors with arrows, or to plot curves.

Strategic models as templates
The Decision App contains nine of the best-known and most successful decision-making models from
management theory. These models can be used right away as templates to brainstorm, to ponder, to
consider or to weigh options for the required decision. For example, the Eisenhower Matrix is useful for
efficient time management, the BCG Model can be used for classic portfolio management, the SWOT
Analysis is wellknown for positioning decisions, the Blue Ocean Strategy helps to chart new opportunities.
These and other models each are included with an explanatory text and a ready to use template to
fill in according to the decision to be made.

Export and share
Email your models as a PDF to ask for feedback, add them as pictures to documents for a presentation or
send them as an editable document to other Decision App users to collaborate on a joint project.

This App was developed for iPad and iPhone. The size of the iPad and iPad mini makes them ideal for creating models. The iPhone version of the Decision App offers the same functions and is perfect for reviewing and sharing your models on the move.

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