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InstaStory HD
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★ InstaStory is a magic app that lets you express a moment where the past and the present overlap!

★ With InstaStory, all these things can be expressed.

1) special photos where current I exist in the place of the past,
2) special photos where I in the past exist in current places,
3) special photos where current I and I in the past coexist,
4) and much more.

★ Features.

☆ 45 Built-in templates.
☆ 58 cool stickers to choose from
☆ 18 well designed photo frames.
☆ 15 cool photo effects.
☆ supports Photo Stickers with 30 styles.
☆ Add texts easily and quickly
☆ Can make your own templates.
☆ Can zoom,rotate,position each photo
☆ Can save to Camera Roll,
☆ Can share photos via eMail, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

★ How to use.

1) Launch the App and choose a target photo (from Camera Roll or SNS).
2) Apply template to the photo or
choose freestyle to make your own layout.
3) Change photo frames or apply filters to the photo.
4) Decorate your work with stickers or texts.
5) Save as template if you want to reuse the layout.
6) Save as a photo and share it with your friends and family.


If you have any questions or opinions, please let us know.
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