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VS. Racing 2
VS. Racing 2 (View in iTunes)
Developer: Northcube AB
Game Center: Yes
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In-App Purchases
€0.89 Car Pimp - Police Siren
€0.89 Car Pimp - Headlights
€0.89 Car Pimp - Blue Tires
€0.89 Car Pimp - Blue Neon
€0.89 Car Pimp - Purple Neon
€0.89 Car Pimp - Green Tires
€0.89 Car Pimp - Purple Tires
€0.89 Car Pimp - Green Neon
Experience the thrill of all-out arcade racing!

#1 TOP PAID racing game in US, UK, JAPAN, FRANCE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA  and many more!

BEST MOBILE RACING GAME - Rocket & Raygun awards

From the people behind VS. RACING and DARK NEBULA.

Massive campaign – 127 races and 10 cars with unique handling, upgrades and pimping.

Internet ghost-race – race a track and challenge your friend over the Internet. Make him watch as your car leaves him in the dust!

Battle with up to 5 friends over WiFi or 3 via Bluetooth. Hit your rivals with vicious power-ups:
• Nitro
• Shockwave
• Oil slick
• Mine
• Heat-seeking missile
• Fire starter


• Cars with unique characteristics and handling

• Earn upgrades for top speed, acceleration and off-

• Car pimping – make your ride your own!

• Fine-tuned control options: touch wheel, tilt or left/right buttons

• Vibrant retina graphics on the new iPad and iPhone 4/4S

• Advanced car handling with detailed arcade physics

• Dozens of challenging achievements

• Universal App – buy once and get it on all your devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

• Advanced AI opponents push your skills to the limit

• Regular free updates with new themes, tracks and cars!

Created by industry veterans from highly successful games such as VS. Racing and Dark Nebula Episode 1 and 2. Network engine created by Peter Björklund, developer of the network engine for Battlefield: Modern Combat.