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Move - Daily activity to stay healthy
Move - Daily activity to stay healthy (View in iTunes)
Developer: Kevin Holesh
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Daily activity reminder for a healthier you.

Move is the anti-workout app. Staying healthy doesn't have to mean waking up at 5:30am and sweating your tail off. You can spread it out throughout the day.

★ Get reminded every so often to stand up and do a tiny exercise
★ Over 100 random workouts keep it exciting (more added every day)
★ Create a healthy habit through constant reminders
★ Pick when you do workouts and how often
★ Take a break (really busy today, skip it…)
★ Take weekends off (moving 5 days a week is much better than 0)

★ Why I made Move ★
I'm a computer programmer. I sit in a chair all day and stare at a glowing rectangle. That isn't what humans are designed to do. I created Move to solve my own problem and remind me to stretch or get my heart rate up throughout the day. This helps keep my body active.

I created this app to encourage me to lead a healthier lifestyle. I hope it does the same for you.

~Kevin Holesh