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20 Life - Magic The Gathering Life Counter
20 Life - Magic The Gathering Life Counter
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20 Life - Magic The Gathering Life Counter
20 Life - Magic The Gathering Life Counter (View in iTunes)
Developer: Aficionado
Game Center: No
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The first gesture interaction life counter solely for Magic The Gathering TCG.

• Swipe up and down to quickly increase or decrease your life count.
• Swipe left and right to manage up to three counters at a time.
• Plus & minus to increase & decrease life.
• Swipe right on the main screen to view your game history.

Tired of doing math? Us too!

No more fiddling around with numbers on a screen or using tiny buttons to add and remove life - use those gestures! Swipe left and right to change between walker, life, and poison counters. Slide up and down to rapidly add or subtract points from a player. Single-finger-tap will remove one point at a time and two-finger-tap will add one point at a time!


- Attacked by your opponent for 4 life points? Swipe down or tap 4 minus times!
- Gain 8 life with some magical elixir? Swipe up or tap minus 8 times.

Sure you'd be awesome at Magic The Gathering, if only you could have mastered elementary mathematics...? Quit fussing with dice and counting on your fingers, this app is for you.

Our experts have researched exactly how point-keeping works in MTG and have deciphered the advanced algorithm dreamed up by Wizards of the Coast - all simplified into one app! You no longer need to spin 20 sided dice around for hours trying to figure out which side holds the numeral 20 or figure out what 20 minus 4 is.

Don't allow your life goal of going to the MTG World Championships be thwarted any longer by arithmetic! Download 20 Life now and start concentrating on playing the game without a PhD in astrophysics!" This app has been MTG nerd approved!

We've read your feedback and have accounted for it! Hope you like the changes!
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