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Pincam - ビデオ編集、共有を簡単に - SK planet
Pincam - ビデオ編集、共有を簡単に - SK planet
SK planet
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Pincam - ビデオ編集、共有を簡単に - SK planet
Pincam - ビデオ編集、共有を簡単に - SK planet (View in iTunes)
Developer: SK planet
Game Center: No
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This service will no longer exist from July 12th, 2013.
Thank you for using our service.
If you have any questions please feel to contact us at
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The Best App for Editing and Sharing Video!

You never know when a once-in-a-lifetime moment is going to happen. Capture, clip and share it in the moment with Pincam, right from your iPhone.

Record, edit and share video like you’ve never been able to before. Here’s how it works:
Hit the record button to start capturing video.
Choose from 14 beautifully unique filters.
Hit the “Pin” button to capture clips of your once-in-a-lifetime moments as they happen.
Pincam will go back in time and catch the moment just before your selection so you never miss anything amazing.
Finish recording and Pincam will automatically encode your clips into a seamless highlight reel.
Instantly share your video with friends and family via Facebook, Youtube or email
With Pincam, you can capture your life’s best moments, trim out the rest, and share them with the best. Experience, capture and share those once-in-a-lifetime moments – as they unfold. Pincam lets your friends feel like they’re right there with you, and lets you relive the action again and again.

Just “Pin” (instantly clip) to select your favorite moments while recording, and leave the rest to Pincam.
You don’t have to stop everything to create a clip reel and share it. Do it in the moment.
Make your very own highlight reel to share in seconds.
Pincam saves you time and effort and delivers dazzling quality videos.
Don’t miss a single second of action while getting ready to record or shut off; Pincam starts the recording ahead of when the action starts.
Edit the videos you already have on your phone.
Edit video as you record
Edit existing videos
14+ free unique filters to choose from
Video and Audio recording
Save video clips 1.5 prior and 3.5 after pinning, so you don’t have to worry about missing the good parts
Instant sharing to Facebook, YouTube and email
Simple and fast User Interface
Location tagging
Portrait and Landscape mode

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