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PilotWorkshops – Pilot Proficiency Training
PilotWorkshops – Pilot Proficiency Training LLC
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PilotWorkshops – Pilot Proficiency Training
PilotWorkshops – Pilot Proficiency Training (View in iTunes)
Developer: LLC
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In-App Purchases
$49.99 Entire Library
$19.99 IFR Proficiency Series
$19.99 Airmanship Series
$19.99 Aviation Weather
$1.99 Approach Chart Analysis
$1.99 Mastering Non-Precision Approaches
$1.99 Airmanship Principles: Part Two
$1.99 Descending on a Non-Precision Approach
$1.99 Takeoffs and Landings Technique Refresher
$1.99 Briefing The Approach
Free app from PilotWorkshops provides 20 free pilot proficiency workshops plus an option for purchasing additional programs. Top flight instructors cover important topics like Airmanship, IFR, Weather and more…

PilotWorkshops’ training is delivered in short, highly focused workshops specifically designed with the busy pilot in mind.

In addition to the 20 free audio and video workshops, you can purchase individual workshops that focus on specific topics, or get an entire series at a great discount.

Our team of nationally recognized instructors offer straight-forward, no-nonsense tips and techniques that are easily integrated into your cockpit. Get access to the best instructors teaching the most important lessons right on your mobile device.

Learn from…
- Doug Stewart
- Scott Dennstaedt
- John Krug
- Rod Machado
- Bob Martens
- Wally Moran
- Bob Nardiello
- Susan Parson
- Bob Adelizzi

Do you have both an iPhone and an iPad? The app is optimized to run on both platforms and whatever you download on one device can be downloaded onto the other, using the same iTunes account, at no charge.

You can earn 6 WINGS credits (2 beginner, 2 intermediate and 2 advanced) for each series you complete.

Specific topics include:
* In-flight emergencies
* ATC communications
* Stick & rudder skills
* Non-towered airports
* Single pilot IFR
* Hazardous weather
* Cross-country flight planning
* Instrument approaches
* Risk management
* Takeoffs and landings
* Cockpit resource management
* Deadly IFR traps
* Developing personal minimums
* Avoiding icing
* Avoiding thunderstorms
* Avoiding turbulence
* Avoiding wind shear
* Using checklists
* IFR approach chart analysis
* Night flying
* IFR communications
* Using online weather tools

The PilotWorkshops app is a convenient way to build and hone your pilot proficiency. Why not download it right now?
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