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Nathan Dicken
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Blendamaze (View in iTunes)
Developer: Nathan Dicken
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
"A Symphony of Color!"

"My favorite puzzle game in the past year at least!"

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!"

"The idea behind the game is brilliant, gameplay is addictive, the controls are spot on..."

“Blendamaze takes traditional wooden gaming elements and mixes in some all important color theory to create a challenging tilt focused title.” -- 148Apps

“...beautiful graphics and realistic physics” -- AppAdvice

See for yourself why fans are saying this about Blendamaze! Blendamaze combines labyrinth game and paint palette into a unique and beautifully-colorful game. You think you know your color theory? Try Blendamaze and discover a challenging, addictive new way to put your color theory skills to the test!

• Over 150 handcrafted levels
• Blend primaries, secondaries and tertiaries
• Bonus near-impossible “Full Spectrum” levels
• Intuitive in-game instructions
• Rewards for blending accuracy
• Solve tough levels with upgrades
• Kids can paint endlessly in “Just Paint” mode
• Leave paint trails all over the board
• Share your solved board on Facebook
• Nearly endless color blending combinations
• Realistic gameboard physics
• Smooth difficulty curve
• Customizable recalibration


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