Wonderland Carnage
Wonderland Carnage
Thanh-My DUONG
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Wonderland Carnage
Wonderland Carnage (View in iTunes)
Developer: Thanh-My DUONG
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The hunting season in Wonderland is now open!
Pick up your weapons and go on a killing spree to crush the wonderland inhabitants like insanely cute bunnies and lovely princesses.

★★★★★CAUTION ★★★★★ :

We advise the use of extreme violence against those creatures.
They will try to trick you into loving them but don’t be fooled...

Do your part with:
✔ 2 magical kingdoms
✔ a shooting range with worldwide weapons challenges
✔ 10 unique weapons with specific gameplay (accelerometer, tap to fire, slide to cut, follow aim guided missile...)
✔ Weapon upgrades for more ammo and more killings
✔ 8 lovely creatures you'll love to torture
✔ Trophy wall with achievements
✔ Ragdoll effects (we love the ragdoll dwarves)
✔ Full retina support

Universally acclaimed by our younger audience and secretly pleasing even the most sensible parents,
take up arms and join the wonderland's hunter community now!

Twitter : https://twitter.com/sunlaris_com

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sunlaris/331026316915745?ref=hl
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