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Cake Bites Maker
Cake Bites Maker
Bake More Cake Maker Inc.
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Cake Bites Maker
Cake Bites Maker (View in iTunes)
Developer: Bake More Cake Maker Inc.
Game Center: No
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"Its like a Cupcake maker, Candy maker, Cake Pop maker, and Cookie maker combined into one AWESOME GAME!" –Customer Review

The only app that lets you bake, decorate, and eat your very own realistic cake bites! Cake Bites are the most exciting new dessert out, and now you can make your own!

Cake Bites Maker lets you go through all the steps to make a real cake bite.

Cake Bites Maker has tons of batters and hundreds of decorations in Hi-Res!

Batters include:
★Confetti Cake
★Mint Chocolate Chip
★Yellow Cake
and TONS More!

Decorations include:
★Tons of frosting to spread on the cake bites
★Toppings with icings and fruits, candy, and nuts
★Fun extras like moving candles and wacky stickers
★Beautiful hi res backgrounds to show off your creation
★Many shapes from turtles to dolphins to cut your cake bite into

After baking and decorating your cake bite, you can eat it or save it to your very own cake bite gallery.

This free app includes a wide sampling of batters and decorations, and if you like it, you can purchase the rest from the store in the app.

Finally, this app is free of advertisements!
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