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Leo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series
Leo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series
Kidaptive Inc.
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Leo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series
Leo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series (View in iTunes)
Developer: Kidaptive Inc.
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• A free series of interactive animated stories for preschoolers
• Designed by Stanford University researchers and Emmy award-winning animators
• Early-learning curriculum based on latest research
• Powerful assessment and reporting framework to help parents support their child's development
• Characters inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, and other historical figures
• 5-star ratings from USA Today, Common Sense Media, and many others

Leo’s Pad is a beautiful, interactive, animated series of “appisodes” for preschoolers, in which your child will join a young Leonardo da Vinci and his friends on big adventures and play exciting games woven seamlessly into the stories.

Parent’s Pad (a feature within Leo’s Pad) is the most comprehensive tool available outside of clinical settings to assess and provide feedback on preschool learning. As the Leo’s Pad series unfolds, Parent’s Pad will report learners' progress and analyze their activity using over 70 learning dimensions and offer parents insights on how to help their child become a better learner.

Leo’s Pad and Parent’s Pad break new ground for children’s learning in four ways:

Kids practice skills from a comprehensive curriculum that features over 70 cognitive, academic, and social “learning dimensions.” These activities focus on skills such as memory, color naming, turn taking, and the ability to follow instructions.

Games adapt as children play, providing just the right level of difficulty to motivate learning.

Engaging stories from our Emmy Award-winning creative director improve learning and maximize knowledge retention.

Parent’s Pad allows parents to easily track, assess, and guide their child’s learning in Leo’s Pad.

Kids adore playing with Leo and his friends. Download Leo’s Pad today and start the fun and learning!

- Appisode 1, “Gally’s Birthday”: Leo and your child build a telescope, create a birthday card, and fly through the sky to prepare for Gally’s (Galileo’s) birthday party.
- Appisode 2, “Rocket to the Stars”: Your child helps Marie (Curie), Leo, and Gally fly to the stars by designing and building a rocket, mixing rocket fuel, and steering the rocket through space!
- Appisode 3, “Catch that Question!”: Your child joins Leo, Marie, and Cinder to paint pictures, power a gyroscopic racecar, use belts to fly, catch fireflies, and catch Marie’s floating Question Lab.
- Appisode 4, “A Splashing Good Time”: Your child helps Leo, Marie, and Cinder fly Marie’s question lab back home. Learners will build sails, make a map, fly through the sky with help from new friend Fusch (Confucius), store fragile science equipment, and build a bridge from fence posts after the Question Lab lands in a lake!

Other Features:
• Fun and memorable songs
• "Co-play" games designed for parents and children to play together
• Designed for children up to age 6
• No 3rd-party advertising

Reviewers say:

“ feel like they’re part of Leo’s journey because he enlists their help every step of the way.”—

" stunning artwork and animation and plenty of activities to entertain and engage young minds."—AppCraver

“Leo’s Pad is one of the best designed educational apps addressing kids as a whole. It is easy to teach just numbers or letters, it is not easy to build the soft skills into the learning process. This makes Leo’s Pad stand out among many educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers.”—The iGame Mom

"By challenging students to answer harder questions, but easing off if the questions become too hard, the app continues to give kids a sense of accomplishment while keeping them engaged with new skills."—Fun Educational Apps
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