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London OnTime
London OnTime
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London OnTime
London OnTime (View in iTunes)
Developer: 404Mobile
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An iPhone app for the London Transit Commission - LTC bus times and routes in London, Ontario.

Ever walked to your bus stop only to see it pulling away?  Tired of waiting in the rain or the cold?  There's an App for that!  With London OnTime, you can see in real time when the bus will arrive at your stop, save your favourite stops for easy access, view nearby stops when in a unfamiliar part of London and even view an entire route laid out on a map for easy viewing!

"I use it everyday to plan what time I will catch a bus to campus. Most useful app on my phone." - Shawn Robinson, M.Sc.

"It's a very user friendly app that makes catching the bus an easy task. Whether you are a London resident or from out of town it will be the best way to plan your route." - Sarah W, B.Sc.

As always, send us feedback about what you like and dislike about the app! Also, if we've fixed something in an update that you previously gave us a low rating on, please update your rating :)
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