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Real Piano produces authentic piano sound quality that was sampled from a real grand piano. In addition to grand piano, it also plays guitar, bass, harp, marimba and music box. It offers a set of audio effects, a variety of customizable key labels, professional tuning and transposition functions, as well as recording & sharing features (iPad only).

With the new Real Piano Remote app, you can also see the notation of what you are playing in real time, touch the pedal panel with your foot (if you like), and adjust other settings in a separate screen.


• Realistic instruments including grand piano, guitar, bass, harp, marimba, and music box.
• Full 88-key keyboard that you can smoothly slide and pinch to move and zoom.
• Dynamic expression control: Position-based or Tap force.
• Different keyboard layouts and customizable key labels: C-D-E, 1-2-3 or do-re-mi.
• Audio effects support.
• Professional tuning and transposition.
• Record and share to Facebook, SoundCloud, or with emails or iTunes. (iPad only)
• Game Center achievement support.
• Showing touch points when connected to external display or projector.
• Connect with the Real Piano Remote app for easily control.

To connect with Real Piano Remote, both devices need to be in the same Wi-Fi network or with Bluetooth enabled.


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