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Real Piano HD Pro
Real Piano HD Pro (View in iTunes)
Developer: Cookie Apps, Inc.
Game Center: No
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With Real Piano, you get a full 88-key keyboard producing realistic grand piano sound, professional settings, and recording & sharing features.

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- Realistic sound from grand piano, guitar, bass, harp, marimba, and music box.
- Full 88-key keyboard: smoothly move and zoom the keyboard by just sliding and pinching.
- Dynamic expression control: Position-based or Tap force.
- Single or dual keyboard layout support.
- Customizable key labels in different types: C-D-E, c1-d1-e1, 1-2-3, or do-re-mi.
- Tuning by adjust the standard A frequency, ranging from 435Hz to 446Hz.
- Transposing if playing in higher or lower key is easier.
- Record and share to Facebook, SoundCloud, or with emails or iTunes.