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Boletus - el buscador de setas
Boletus - el buscador de setas
Mateu Yabar Valles
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Boletus - el buscador de setas
Boletus - el buscador de setas (View in iTunes)
Developer: Mateu Yabar Valles
Game Center: No
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Boletus is a simple to use application for mushroom identification for both experts and novices. It can also store the localization where you find a mushroom, so you can get there back.

When you find an unknown mushroom in the nature, Boletus will ask different questions about the mushroom found -foot color, cap shape, existence of a ring, etc-. After that, the it will show a list of mushrooms that match your awnsers, presenting its name, description, photos and more.

Moreover you'll be able to navigate through or mushroom database, and find mushrooms by its latin name, common name, or different attributes.

And the most important thing. All this is avaiable offline, accessible from the most repote parts where no internet is found.

Once you find a mushroom, you can store its localization and view it in a map, so you can come back there whenever you want.
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