My Town 2: Getaways
My Town 2: Getaways
Booyah, Inc.
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My Town 2: Getaways
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Developer: Booyah, Inc.
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Play the #1 Location Based city builder of all time! It’s YOUR world, YOUR choice!

“My Town turns the real world into Monopoly.”
-- The NYTimes

Whether you want the hottest nightclub, your neighborhood coffee shop, or a landmark halfway across the world, it’s all available at your fingertips. Booyah, the original makers of real-world games, bring you My Town 2: Getaways!

✓ Build an amazing town and choose your favorite places from the real world!
✓ Customize your town with fun unique content, building upgrades, and awesome town decorations
✓ Popularity matters! Earn extra bonuses by building & checking in to the most popular locations
✓ Earn rewards for completing quests and mini-missions

★ Expand your borders to multiple destinations
★ Brand new landscapes! Build your own beach town or lakeside getaway
★ Cool water themed content and buildings
★ Collections! Complete collections to win exclusive rewards

We hope you enjoy My Town 2: Getaways, brought to you by Booyah, the creators of No Zombies Allowed, My Town 2, My Town: Animals, and Early Bird. We believe that where you play matters. For any questions, problems, or suggestions, please visit

Life is a story. Build yours now.
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