Brightwood Adventures
Brightwood Adventures
Kiwi, Inc.
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Brightwood Adventures
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Developer: Kiwi, Inc.
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$2.99 Stack of Axes
$0.99 Stack of Cheer
$2.99 Stack of Gold
$4.99 Pile of Gold
$0.99 Stack of Silver
$4.99 Pile of Axes
$9.99 Pot of Gold
$2.99 Pile of Cheer
$4.99 Pot of Silver
$9.99 Pot of Axes
Help Wally, Rowan, and the rest of the gang build a bustling Village in the Dark Forest.

Brave adventurers have traveled through the Dark Forest to discover the Lost Village of King Lionheart, but they need your help to restore it from a tiny meadow to a thriving community.

Discover the secrets of the Dark Forest, protect the Villagers from the Creepies, and sleuth out King Lionheart's mane care secrets (is that gel or is his fur naturally wavy?)!

Adventures abound as you grow from an empty meadow to a lively community of bustling Villagers.

Make sure you:
• Explore in the Dark Forest
• Discover epic artifacts and treasure
• Create a gorgeous Village
• Help the cute Villagers settle in
• All the while watching out for the Creepies!

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IN-APP PAYMENTS: You can buy stuff in the game if you want. That helps us keep the lights on. Please disable the payments on your phone if you don't want to be able to pay.
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