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Developer: THQ, Inc.
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Lightsaber duels just got real! This new version of the popular app now gives you the chance to face off against a friend in a fierce battle of clashing lightsabers. Swing your phone around to produce cool lightsaber sound effects and ignite or extinguish the blade with a tap. You can also enter a full screen lightsaber mode.

If you and a friend both have this app and devices that support Bluetooth peer-to-peer connectivity (iPhone and iPod Touch 2nd generation or higher) you can connect them as two lightsabers that react to each other. Striking, parrying and crossing lightsabers produce authentic swooshing and clashing sound effects for an intensely fun experience. Of course you can also swing your lightsaber around in the traditional single player mode which is as fun as ever. You can now also play any song from your library as a soundtrack for your battles, or for a true Star Wars experience play the classic theme included with the app.

The cast of characters has been expanded to 15 with some of the most popular lightsaber wielders in the Star Wars universe. You can also create your own characters with customizable lightsabers. Emperor Palpatine makes an appearance and in addition to his lightsaber he has a special Force trick up his sleeve!

* Swing your phone around for authentic sound effects
* Ignite or extinguish the blade, or view it in full screen mode

* Two-player mode using peer-to-peer Bluetooth connectivity **PLEASE NOTE - Duel mode will only work with 3G or 3GS models**
* 11 new characters and improved graphics
* Create more than one custom character
* Force lightning
* Play your own music in the background

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