R-Tech Commander Colony XD
R-Tech Commander Colony XD
Noumena Innovations (BVI) Ltd
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R-Tech Commander Colony XD
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Developer: Noumena Innovations (BVI) Ltd
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$9.99 Gems Pack 3
$0.99 Gems Pack 1
$4.99 Gems Pack 2
$49.99 Gems Pack 4
$99.99 Gems Pack 5
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√The best galactic SLG!
√Experience the magic of the retina screen through our XD version!

What’s New in Version 2.0
√Personal Assistants were added to help space Commanders.
√Two daily free chances for players to adventure in Wormhole for extra rewards.
√Uplink Cannon was improved to increase colonies defense capability. Players can purchase an Uplink Cannon buff in Shop.
√Optimized memory usage for better game experience.
√Bug fixes and other adjustments to improve the game.

R-tech Commander: Colony combines many of the best elements of SLG and RPG into this uniqueand rich galactic battle game. You play the role of the chancellor sent out to explore the galaxies and establish new colonies for precious resources. Build up a strong fleet of battleships to help defend your colony from alien invaders and to also conquer surrounding colonies. As you gain experience and move up the ranks, you will gain access to more awesome hi-tech weapons and command a greater armada of battleships. See how far you can expand your galactic empire!

• Unique space battle scenes unlike any other SLGs
• Develop your planetary colony in magnificent 3D
• Customize your colony with a variety of constructions
• Assign commanders with varying skills for different strategies
• Command a vast armada of battleships with hi-tech armor and weapons

√Don't miss this fantastic galactic war game! Create your own empire now.

Note: This application will not work on the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd generation or earlier. And this game requires Internet connection.

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