Cookie Dough Bites Candy Drop
Cookie Dough Bites Candy Drop
Sunstorm Interactive
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Cookie Dough Bites Candy Drop
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Developer: Sunstorm Interactive
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Welcome to Cookie Dough Bites Candy Drop!

Now you can play one of your favorite arcade games using some of your favorite candies! Drop candy onto the table and try to collect all of the different prizes. Look out though, because as the candy and prizes push towards the end of the table some will fall off the sides and lost forever. If your candy or prize reaches the end of the table you get to keep it!

As you play you will earn more and more free bites. Use these or buy more to be able to collect more and more prizes. Collect yo-yos, flying discs, footballs, baseballs, horns, soccer balls, Dinosaurs and Lizards. Use special items like Cherry bombs to help clear items on the table. Or raise the walls so no bites can be lost off the edges. Keep playing until you’ve collected all of the prizes.

Game Includes:
- Excellent 3D Graphics
- 19 prizes to collect
- 4 Special Items
- 9 different kinds of Candy
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