Background Eraser for iPad
Background Eraser for iPad
handyCloset Inc.
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Background Eraser for iPad
Background Eraser for iPad (View in iTunes)
Developer: handyCloset Inc.
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○ This is an application for making a picture's background transparent.
"Auto" mode changes all similar pixels to transparent.

○ The resulted images can be used with other apps such as "Keynote", "Pages", "LINE camera".

○ For example, when your are making photomontages,
it's very important to make a picture's background transparent.
By using this app, you can do it very quickly and easily.

○ How to use.
1. Load image from photo album
2. Open "Eraser"
3. select 'Auto' or 'Manual'
4. use slider to set 'Auto Erasing Threshold' or 'Radius of the manual erasing area'
5. move cursor by touch to eraser background
6. Save to photo album
7. Use the saved photo by other apps

You can restore image by using "Restore" mode.
You can zoom/move image in the "Zoom" mode.
You can also zoom/move image with two fingers in any modes.
"Feather ( softening image edge )" can be done to make natural edges.

● Resulted images are saved as
- PNG format

● Max output size
- 768 x 1024 for iPad2, iPad mini
- 1536 x 2048 for iPad3, iPad4 with Retina Display

● The transparent color is shown as black color on the preinstalled "Photos" app.
However the transparent color is kept in the files saved by this app.
To check this, please try to reopen the files with this app.
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