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Bug Swat
Bug Swat (View in iTunes)
Developer: 5Mina Networks, Inc.
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Bubba wants to be at peace savoring on his meal, but BUGS are flying in and crawling up to ruin his dishes. SWAT them! BOMB them! Action-packed game challenges your tap touching & coordination skills.

Featuring advanced swatters and utility bombs, this game is phenomenally built for the perfect combination of action, fun and difficulty.

•••••SUPER FUN•••••
✔ Slow to Crazily Fast Bugs!
✔ Double Swat!
✔ Continuous increase in difficulty!

•••••GAME PLAY•••••
☂ Get Resurrects, Lives to Swat more
☂ Unlock 2 Extra Game Modes
☂ Screen Quaking Bombs

★ Super Addictive
★ Easy to learn, Difficult to master
★ Never the same game twice
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