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BTT Remote
BTT Remote
Andreas Hegenberg
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BTT Remote
BTT Remote (View in iTunes)
Developer: Andreas Hegenberg
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BTT Remote (BTT stands for BetterTouchTool) is a great remote control for your Mac. It allows you to take almost full control over your Mac and all the Apps installed on it.

In order to use it you need to have BetterTouchTool installed on your Mac (which can be downloaded for free on It requires at least Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6)

Note: BTT Remote will not work with Microsoft Windows

• Includes a nice trackpad to navigate that supports basic multitouch gestures
• Very easy to use
• Works on iPhone (also includes support for iPhone 5) and iPad and supports portrait and landscape mode
• The iPhone version is designed to allow full control with only one hand
• Configure arbitrary actions for any application you want (Checkout BetterTouchTool if you want to see what's possible). You can even assign custom icons to each action.
• Or configure global actions that work in every application.
• Access and use any apps menubar
• BTT Remote can simulate the media keys on your keyboard like play / pause, volume, or even change the screen brightness for your internal AND external displays separately (if supported by the display)
• Browse your file system (e.g. to start a movie or application while lying in bed)
• Navigate between different applications
• Ability to increase cursor size and zooming the screen for convenient control while e.g. sitting on your couch.
• Many settings to customize the app

This is the very first version of BTT Remote. Please use the builtin feedback reporter to submit any bug, feature request or idea you have.
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