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Magimon - Aeria Mobile
Magimon - Aeria Mobile
PlayNext 51, LLC
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Magimon - Aeria Mobile
Magimon - Aeria Mobile (View in iTunes)
Developer: PlayNext 51, LLC
Game Center: No
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
$4.99 270 Gold Pack
$0.99 50 Gold Pack
$9.99 600 Gold Pack
$19.99 1,250 Gold Pack
$49.99 3,200 Gold Pack
$99.99 6,500 Gold Pack
$149.99 10,000 Gold Pack
The #1 card battle game in Japan with over 15 million downloads, now available in English!

What Players Are Saying:

"The user interface is clean and gameplay is intuitive. If you are looking for a deep game with fun graphics, I strongly recommend Magimon. Most of my friends are playing it now." - JapanSamurai

"..with the skill system it adds a fun level of strategy into making your team as you level up, finding different combos and also coming up with ways to beat bosses and other players by using certain skill." - FrostyWing

"This game could easily rival real world card games. Strategy plays a huge part in building your party to not only defeat other players, but also provide enough defense to not get beaten when they attack you." - Mystcyle

Explore over 10 areas and 100 missions as you battle other players around the world in this thrilling Card Collecting RPG!

After our world was nearly destroyed, a new science was born. Creation of powerful creatures known as Magimon became possible for the first time. Practitioners of this new science became known as Trainers. However, not all Trainers shared the same goals and two factions soon emerged: the Advocates and the Sentinels. The Sentinels want to push the science of Magimon to the limit, believing their experiments will unlock a power that can save our world. The Advocates believe Magimon should be free and treated as our equals. A fierce conflict rages as these two sides fight for territory and resources.

Lately, rumors of dragon sightings have spread panic among the survivors. Both the Sentinels and the Advocates are in a race to discover the truth and become the dominant faction.

Will you become the fabled Trainer of our world? Do you have what it takes to lead your faction to victory?

- Hundreds of monsters to collect with more coming soon
- Craft and Evolve monsters into different species
- Enhance your monsters to gain strength & experience
- Summon new and premium monsters in the mighty Cauldron
- Challenge players around the world in PvP
- Explore 10 areas and over 100 missions set in a post-apocalyptic world
- Thrilling battle animations
- Special limited time maps and boss battles
- Come back daily for login bonuses
- Invite your friends to join your Faction

All Rights Reserved

Magimon, 2011, Aeria 51, LLC
Magimon, 2011, NHN Japan Corp.
Magimon, 2011, Dango, Inc.

Trademark Notices:
Magimon is a trademark ("(TM)" for the United States) of Aeria 51, LLC, NHN Japan Corp. and Dango, Inc. in the United States and elsewhere.
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