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Rounds Group Video Chat, Text and Audio Calls
Rounds Group Video Chat, Text and Audio Calls
Rounds Entertainment Ltd.
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Rounds Group Video Chat, Text and Audio Calls
Rounds Group Video Chat, Text and Audio Calls (View in iTunes)
Developer: Rounds Entertainment Ltd.
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► NEW! FREE video chat & video calling with your friends and family members!
► The popular Rounds Facebook app is now available on your smartphone. It's a hangout like never before: Take and share pictures & watch YouTube together LIVE! Fun! Together! Now!
► Capture moments, play with fun video effects, and scribble funny images on each other. See what your friends are doing right now on Rounds through the photo stream. You can like, follow, and comment on all their great snapshots just like on Facebook. Go on, show them some love!
► Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Tetris-like Sky Tumble, Draw Something-like PenPals and many more fun games and fun things to do all coming soon on Rounds!

Rounds Video Chat Hangout is the best video calling app to stay connected to your family and friends.

• Unlimited FREE Video Chat over 3G and Wi-Fi so you can video call your friends as much as you want
• Log-in with Facebook and instantly connect to your friends
• See your mobile contacts and Facebook friends in the call menu for easy navigation
• Automatically find friends that have Rounds and have fun chatting with them
• Video conferencing with friends on any device
• Save money with Free international video calls to other Rounds members
• 5 different view modes. Use the transparent view mode to take a snapshot as if you are in the same room
• Watch funny YouTube videos together, listen to music, and sing karaoke together.
• Use fun webcam effects and take snapshots using different video effects.
• Best camera app to take photo booth snapshots of you and your friends while you are video calling
• Scribble on your friend’s video images. Draw something funny and take a snapshot together

About Rounds Video Chat Hangout:
• Learn more at
• Like us on Facebook at
• Need help or have a suggestion? Email us at
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