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Pirate Maidens
Pirate Maidens
Aeria Games Europe
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Pirate Maidens
Pirate Maidens (View in iTunes)
Developer: Aeria Games Europe
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$2.99 305 Gold
$0.99 100 Gold
$9.99 1020 Gold
$19.99 2050 Gold
$34.99 3600 Gold
$99.99 10500 Gold
$49.99 5200 Gold
5-Stars on US App Store - Avast ye mateys! Download Pirate Maidens for free to wage epic battles on the open seas with your crew of comely pirates! Don't let their looks fool you - these provocative privateers will gladly run you through with a cutlass or throw you overboard if you get on their bad side. Pick a faction and take up arms against other real world players! Call upon hundreds of pirates as you race to build the most impressive deck in this swashbuckling battle card game. Behold these proud beauties and ponder: Is the pirate life for you?

PLEASE NOTE: This game features voice overs from Japanese actresses with English subtitles. Players will only hear this if they click the "Voice" button.

- Free to Play
- 3 Story Lines to choose from – Switch between stories and don’t lose your progress
- Hundreds of visually stunning cards to collect
- Seiyuu voice overs
- Level up your cards to make them more powerful
- Create a guild and battle other guilds worldwide
- Steal messages in a bottle and unlock the most powerful pirates
- Invite friends and make your guild even stronger
- Dazzling animations
- Boss battles, raid events, and special limited time stories

Play Pirate Maidens for the story!

Do you have any questions or concerns? We are here to help! Please send an email to so we can assist you!

All Rights Reserved

Pirate Maidens, 2012, Aeria 51, LLC
Pirate of Fantasia, 2012, D2C Inc.

Trademark Notices:
Pirate Maidens is a trademark ("(TM)" for the United States) of Aeria 51, LLC and D2C Inc. in the United States and elsewhere.
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