Mental Arithmetic - myBlee
Mental Arithmetic - myBlee
LGM Learning
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Mental Arithmetic - myBlee
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Kids must do math problems in their head and then use their fingers to write the answers. It is proven that the best way to develop and maintain mental math capabilities is to practice. Kids have fun improving their mind with Metal Arithmetic – myBlee!

Designed to review and practice basic elementary math, the Mental Arithmetic teacher challenges kids to see how quickly they can solve problems in their head. The teacher asks kids to:

• Add two to five numbers together
• Subtract, multiple, and divide two numbers together

By recognizing kids’ handwriting and movements, the Mental Arithmetic teacher offers audio and visual guidance, corrections, and encouragement. While teaching through play, Metal Arithmetic – myBlee adapts by itself to the knowledge and speed at which the kid is progressing, thereby maximizing the educational experience.

LGM Learning creates highly innovative educational applications for kids between the ages of elementary and middle school. It is the sincere desire of the team to harness the real educational power of the iPad, providing tangible educational value and learning growth for children within this critical impressionable age range. All the myBlee apps are created with the help of a team of professional teachers and carefully tested by kids to ensure that learning is interactive, rewarding, and fun!
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