Hidden Doodles
Hidden Doodles
Soylent Bits SL
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Hidden Doodles
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Developer: Soylent Bits SL
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Train your memory playing in this awesome "hidden objects" game.

"Hidden Doodles is a very good looking game. The artists that got to create these crazy characters must have had a field day designing them. Drooling cyclops octopodes, deranged bunnies, malfunctioning robots, farting rockets, ticklish éclairs… You’ll see a lot of hilarious sights while playing, especially in the ultra-crowded Find Doodles levels"
—GameZebo with 4.5 of 5 stars

"Hidden Doodles looks phenomenal, and you'll kind of want to sit and stare at the screen just to take in all the details … it's great fun in short bursts and even better with a friend"
—Jay Is Games

❥ A lot of fun: hidden objects stages, flying doodles, whack-a-doodle and more modes!

❥ Easy to play

❥ Beautiful colored graphics

❥ Memorize the doodles to find

❥ Can you avoid the bombs in Arcade Mode?

❥ Discover all the secret doodles!

❥ Funny 2 players mode in a single device!

☞ iCloud Game Saves
☞ Optimized for iPhone 5
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