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Find the Elves- Elf on the Shelf®- Christmas Game
Find the Elves- Elf on the Shelf®- Christmas Game (View in iTunes)
Developer: CCA AND B LLC
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An Official Elf on the Shelf® App
How fast are your fingers? Did you know that hide-and-seek is an elf’s favorite game? The elves are hiding in the Christmas tree, and you need to find them! Play the Elf Hide-and-Seek game and see how many elves you can click on before they hide again—or the time runs out. The harder the level gets, the faster the elves move. Hurry—you have 30 seconds!

CCA and B, the brainchild of The Elf on the Shelf® authors Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell, along with Chanda’s twin sister, Christa Pitts, is a private, family-owned publishing company based in Marietta, GA. Started from the ground up, this mother-daughters trio has taken the publishing industry by storm – going from rejection letters to a best-selling Christmas tradition that took root locally and spread like wildfire around the globe.