FrameBlast - HD Video Editor for storytelling
FrameBlast - HD Video Editor for storytelling
FrameBlast Ltd.
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FrameBlast - HD Video Editor for storytelling
FrameBlast - HD Video Editor for storytelling (View in iTunes)
Developer: FrameBlast Ltd.
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***** "It's free no in app purchases! And best of all it's down right perfect! I love this app!"
***** "Its simple but effective. It applies filters and edits like it says. Its like having a mini production team working for you!"

“FrameBlast is a simple, free video app which allows you to record and merge videos, or pull them from your existing videos on the phone, add a soundtrack and simple special effects, making it simple to use for novices.” --Mike Butcher /TechCrunch

“Desktop video-editing software can run to hundreds if not thousands of pounds, but this app gives you a free taste of the cutting room.” --Holden Frith /The Sunday Times

“FrameBlast simplifies video sharing, much like Instagram did for pictures.” --Dusten Carlson /Social News Daily

“FrameBlast takes a step back from the traditional editing type apps to allow users to tell a story using their own home-made videos directly from the palm of their hand on the iPhone or iPod touch.” --Paul Morris /Redmond Pie

Your Story is a Blast
FrameBlast is a beautifully simple video storytelling app that automagically strings together your life’s highlights to produce movies that you’ll be proud to share.

Think - what story do you want to tell?
FrameBlast is a blank storyboard waiting to be filled. Visualize your story's beginning and end then let serendipity fill in the blanks for you as you capture short shots.

Shoot - one tap at a time
Tap once to record 3 seconds, framing your shots or hold on to record longer. Keep collecting great moments as your story takes shape. Press the green tick and then play to instantly see the results.

Create - direct using only your thumb
Add or remove existing clips, adjust and reorder clips, add cool effects, choose your music and play back your story instantly using only your thumb as input or use Stop Motion effect to create short and sweet HD video flipbooks. Swipe left/right and up/down to add real-time Instagram style effects.

Share - public or private? It’s your choice!
Save for eternity and watch via Apple TV with friends and family. Share in HD directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr or Facebook or keep it private forever. Every Blast is automatically saved to your camera roll.

So what’s your story? Why not make it a Blast!


FrameBlast requires iOS 5.1 or later. For BEST results we highly recommend iOS 6.13 or later and iPhone 4S/iPhone 5/iPod touch 5G.

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Email us at We would love to hear from you.
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