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Puzzle HD+
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Developer: Ekaterina Roshchupkina
Game Center: Yes
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$0.99 Isac Goulart Vol. V
$0.99 Girls And Horses
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$0.99 David Kessel Vol. II
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Puzzle HD is just like a real jigsaw on your iPad! Just the way you like it.

We've created this app for you to make it possible to play your favorite game anywhere and anytime. It fully simulates the real puzzles and, at same time, the app uses all advantages of iPad to make the playing of your favorite game as convinient as it has ever been possible.

- ability to add your own images;
- ability to share the images and packages (email, Facebook, Twitter);
- Constantly updated pictures gallery;
- 8 levels of complexity: from 42 pieces up to 1110 pieces, available for any puzzle;
- Zoom in/out function;
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