Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Pro: Relaxation & Meditation Music
Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Pro: Relaxation & Meditation Music
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Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Pro: Relaxation & Meditation Music
Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Pro: Relaxation & Meditation Music (View in iTunes)
Developer: iLBsoft
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•• From the creators of Relax Melodies with over 10 MILLIONS users ••

Your new companion is here! Alarm Clock Sleep Sound is a progressive wake-up and sleep-aid clock specially designed to give you a sweeter and better sleep experience. With the help of tuned programs enhanced by different stages of aural entrainment and custom melodies, you will get the help you need in order to sleep faster and wake-up refreshed. But that’s not all! You can also use it while meditating, during your yoga class or even when you need a quick power nap!

Sleep better, wakeup refreshed and enjoy your day, everyday!

Try it and tell us about it!

=== FEATURES ===

• 10 Sleep programs: Get that sleep you deserve!
• 9 Wake-up programs: Get positive energy when you wake up!
• 3 Different brainwave types to choose from:
Binaural beats
Isochronic tones
Monaural beats
• Isochronic tones and Monaural beats can be uses without headphones!
• 9 Different brainwaves frequencies for each type
• 44 High quality sounds to choose from to create your own personal ambience
• 13 Custom alarm sounds to wake up safe
• Set multiple alarms and timers. As many as you need!
• Screen brightness adjustable by the swipe of a finger.
• Night and Day themes available
• Use the app in background. Relax while using other apps!
• High quality Retina graphics with unique animation effects

=== 10 Sleep programs ===

Meditation , Direct Sleep , Calming Relaxation , Simple Relaxation , Quick Meditation , Deep Sleep , Dreamy Sleep , Delta Session , Deep Relaxation , Lucid Dreams

=== 9 Wake-up programs ===

Quick Awakening , Confident Day , Energized mind , Calm , Morning Relaxation , Progressive Wakeup , Smooth Awakening , Awareness , Concentration

=== 44 Ambient Sounds ===

Air Conditioner , Green Noise , Summer Birds , Balcony Rain , Grey Noise , Thunder Storm , Bees , Frogs , Train , Birds Chirping , Heartbeat , Tropical Rain , Blue Noise , Inside Car , Turboprop , Brazil Jungle , Kayak , Vinyl Cracking , Brown Noise , Mediterranean Waves , Violet Noise , Bubbles , Pink Noise , Water , Camp Fire , Rain On Umbrella , Water Dripping , Cat Purring , Running Stream , White Noise , Cicadas , Rustling Leaves , Wild River , Desert Wind , Shower , Wind , Eerie Sitar , Singing Bowl , Wind Chimes , Fan , Small Birds , Wood Creaks , GrandFather Clock , Small Chimes


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Get that sleep you deserve with just a few taps. Use the brainwave entrainment and choose whether to tell your brain to simply relax or that is time to sleep.

Download it now and become one of the rested users of Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds!

Simple, beautiful and works!
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