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$4.99 Calculator+ for iPad and iPhone
$1.99 Handwriting Calculator
$1.99 Graphing Calculator
$0.99 Linear Calculator
$0.99 Polynomial Calculator
$0.99 Currency Converter
Calculator+ is an iPhone / iPad calculator designed with simplicity, usability, and beauty in mind...

- Elegant & Intuitive interface
- Supports handwriting
- Displays both the equation & the result at the same time
- Supports Fraction
- Supports many scientific functions
- Advanced editing by easily going back and forth

If you are looking for more advanced features you can upgrade to one or more of the following:

- Handwriting Calculator
- Polynomial Calculator for solving quadratic & cubic equations
2x³ - 4x² - 22x + 24 = 0
- Linear Calculator for solving system of linear equations
2x – y = 9
3x + 4y = –14
- Graphing Calculator to find the local min, max & intersection points
y = 2x³ – 4x
0 = (x² + y²)³ - 27y²x²
- Currency Converter for 150+ currencies & charts that show changes over time.
- Multiple themes

Enjoy the FREE Scientific calculator with, no ads, no prompts & if you like it, support us by upgrading or giving us a positive review.

Thanks :)
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