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MediaShout Remote
MediaShout Remote
Pepino Studios, LLC
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MediaShout Remote
MediaShout Remote (View in iTunes)
Developer: Pepino Studios, LLC
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*** MediaShout Remote requires the latest versions of MediaShout presentation software (Windows b290 or Mac OS b5242). ***


MediaShout Remote provides control and preview of MediaShout presentations over your Wi-Fi network from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

View the Main (audience) Display or Stage Display as it is played from a MediaShout computer. (NOTE: Does not support Key Text or Key Clock playback.)

- Portrait view allows you to scroll through the current presentation, view notes and tap thumbnails to play them to the screen. Bottom toolbar controls allow you to go forward or back in the current presentation and play Panic Cues.
- Landscape view provides a Preview or Program mode depending on whether you prefer to swipe and play cues directly to the screen, or browse thumbnails before double-tapping to play.

If you have questions about using MediaShout Remote in your organization, please contact us at 888.829.7168 or
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