Hide It! Head to Head Hidden Object Game
Hide It! Head to Head Hidden Object Game
Strategy Games LLC
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Hide It! Head to Head Hidden Object Game
Hide It! Head to Head Hidden Object Game (View in iTunes)
Developer: Strategy Games LLC
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$1.99 Party Shop Theme
$9.99 Four Themes plus Items
$1.99 Vanity Theme
$1.99 Pirate Ship Theme
$0.99 500 Coins
$6.99 Four Themes
$1.99 Pool Mansion Theme
$0.99 No Ads
$3.99 3600 Coins
$2.99 2300 Coins
Ready to play a little hide and seek with friends?! Download for FREE right now!

This is the first ever 3D-interactive hidden object game allowing friends to play head-to-head through Facebook and other social connections.

Play Facebook friends or random users for endless hours of fun!

Pick an amazing 3D theme and craft-fully hide objects inside the theme for your opponent. Once they find all the objects, they get a chance to hide objects for you. See who can find them faster and win! But watch out! With the best 3D graphics in any hidden object game, objects can be hidden perfectly, so get ready for some mega fun!


Venice - A gorgeous city in Italy awaits you!

Alley - Who knows what can be found in this dark grungy alley!

Vanity - Amazing vanity area filled with every beauty item you can imagine!

Pirate Ship - Get the true feel of a rocking pirate ship in this amazing theme!

Party Shop - Time to party! Party toys and treats await you in this emporium of FUN!

Pool Mansion - The dream swimming pool mansion is a place we all love to be, but will you be able to find those hidden goggles from your friend?

WARNING: This game is fast, fun and mega addicting! So be prepared for hours of great game play for FREE!

If you have any questions or feedback on the game, we would LOVE to hear from you! Please reach us at support@strategygms.com

Thanks for your support! More updates coming soon!

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