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SolForge (View in iTunes)
Developer: Stone Blade Entertainment
Game Center: No
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
$9.99 Bundle of 2750 Gold
$19.99 Bundle of 5600 Gold
$4.99 Bundle of 1300 Gold
$49.99 Bundle of 14400 Gold
$99.99 Bundle of 30000 Gold
$4.99 Alloyin Starter Deck
$4.99 Nekrium Starter Deck
$4.99 Tempys Starter Deck
$4.99 Uterra Starter Deck
$1.99 Alloyin Skin
The exciting new digital collectible game from the makers of Ascension: Deckbuilding Game and Magic: the Gathering.

SolForge is a revolutionary new digital collectible game that will redefine the genre, designed specifically to take advantage of the mobile space. Start your account with free cards and earn cards every day by playing!

" of the best demos on our showfloor." - Penny Arcade

"SolForge is a fun game, and it looks amazing" -

"Looks fantastic...I was able to jump in and start playing right away" -


- Start with four free decks, and earn additional cards just by playing

- Challenge your friends or play against AI opponents with multiple levels of difficulty

- Win cards in tournaments or by completing campaign missions

- Simple to learn, difficult to master.

- User-Friendly Tutorial to get you playing right away

- Unique leveling mechanic transforms your cards as you play
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