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Cultiwords, an unique word-of-the-day game made by memory specialists to boost your vocabulary while improving your memory!

By playing with words, you improve your short term memory. The capacity to use a word in context calls upon long term memory storage. With this application, raise the bar of your lexical artillery by learning new words, reviewing the memorized ones, keeping track of them in your personal dictionary.

Get the app and start with a 40-words set, including definitions, anecdotes and several review questions. You can then get more within the app by purchasing extension sets!

What could I learn?
For example, would you be able to define the word « moot »? We say that a « moot » point is a subject of debate that does not come to a given conclusion...

Maybe another word, one that you have may have seen or read but never known the true meaning of, such as « flippant », meaning light-hearted or airy.

With Cultiwords, in just several minutes per day, these words will become familiar!

Who are we?
The Cultiwords team consists of highly intelligent humanoids, neurobiologists, developmental scientists, and information experts. We have gotten together after deciding collectively that the decline and the impending austerity of the English vocabulary needed some serious renovation. Our goal is to spice up each and every Apple product users verbiage, one word at a time.
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