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Qrafter - QR Code and Barcode Reader and Generator
Qrafter - QR Code and Barcode Reader and Generator
Kerem Erkan
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Qrafter - QR Code and Barcode Reader and Generator
Qrafter - QR Code and Barcode Reader and Generator (View in iTunes)
Developer: Kerem Erkan
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
Qrafter is the QR Reader that is LOADED with features and yet simple and intuitive to use and still a great value!

Qrafter's “Pro Pack” in-app purchase puts you behind the wheel of the Rolls Royce of QR Scanners and includes a rich suite of valuable features some of which no other QR Scanner even offers!


• Just point the camera at the QR Code and Qrafter snatches up the information sometimes even before the camera can focus! It’s that fast.

• Instantly the QR Code information is saved to History, you get an information summary including an automatic URL safety check to protect from malicious sites, and a list of possible actions.

• Choose how you would like to access the new information: internal app browser, Safari, Chrome, or share it via email.

To create your own QR Code with "Pro Pack":

• Tap “Create” and then select from a variety of destination options including: URL, Location, Contact Card, Event, Phone call, Text Message, email, Tweet, and several more!

• Tap “Preview Content”

• Tap “Create”

• ZAP! Your code is instantly created in multiple formats and ready to be saved in your camera roll or Dropbox or your clipboard or shared via email, Facebook, Twitter or you can print it out, just like that! You can also personalize the colors if black and white doesn’t express your style!

It can generate QR Codes from scratch. It can change the colors of the QR Code images, save them to your photo library, email them as PNG and SVG image files, share them on social media sites, and even print them. We’ve got you covered!

Qrafter's next-generation vCard (.vcf) and iCalendar (.ics) file downloader can download vCard and iCalendar files using Safari or Qrafter Pro’s internal web browser. ** This is a feature that no other app on App Store has! **

Qrafter’s vCard parser can parse everything from names to anniversaries and it can even download contact photos. This feature enhances this vCard parser further with the ability to download vCards themselves from the internet, and furthermore adds iCalendar file download ability as well.

You can also get the raw data included in the items you scanned, sent to your email.


“It’s the fastest QR Code scanner I’ve ever used. I just pointed the camera at the code and Qrafter didn’t let the camera focus before recognizing it successfully. QR Code generator is awesome too.”

“clean fresh design, awesome speed and accuracy of recognition, and creator great too - just created a code for wi-fi network ;) a bunch of localizations is an extra bonus ;)”

• Very fast QR Code, Data Matrix and Aztec Code scanning
• Color inverted code scanning
• QR Code regeneration for scanned codes
• QR Code generation from scratch with various content types *
• Built-in safety checker for malicious sites in URLs
• Embedded web browser with vCard & iCalendar support
• Support for opening vCard & iCalendar files directly from Safari *
• It has embedded map browser, SMS/Email sending, contact/event adding
• Embedded Facebook/Twitter and Dropbox/Pocket integration
• Support for printing QR Codes on devices that support AirPrint & we can send history information by email *
• Full localization support
• Torch light on devices with flash
• Optimization for all the latest mobile devices.

* Enabled with "Pro Pack" in-app purchase

• Web page & Bookmark URLs
• Map URLs
• iTunes URLs
• Facebook/Twitter URLs
• Foursquare URLs
• Foursquare venue URLs
• Yelp URLs
• Data URLs
• Raw geographical coordinates
• Informations like vCard/me Card or iCalendar event
• Tweets
• Phone no.
• Email addresses
• YouTube video URL
• Wi-Fi network information
• Plain/Encrypted text

Feel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening to your suggestions to improve Qrafter Pro! If you have any issues with the app, just contact us and we will help you!
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