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Guitar Hero
Guitar Hero (View in iTunes)
Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.
Game Center: No
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$1.99 Coldplay 3-Song Pack
$1.99 3-Song Pack featuring Queen
$1.99 3-song pack featuring Breaking Benjamin, A Day to Remember, and AFI
$1.99 GH: WOR Pack 2
$1.99 Breaking Benjamin 3-Song Pack
$1.99 The Rolling Stones 3-Song Pack
$1.99 Foo Fighters 3-Song Pack
$1.99 Rise Against 3-Song Pack
$1.99 3-song pack featuring Vampire Weekend
$1.99 KISS 3-Song Pack
This app will no longer be available after March 31, 2014. It is currently available at a discounted price of $0.99
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