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Runaway Pup
Runaway Pup (View in iTunes)
Developer: American Girl Brands, LLC
Game Center: No
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If you enjoy Innerstar University books, you’ll love Runaway Pup! It’s a story-based app that lets you become an Innerstar Guide and explore Innerstar University as you search for Pepper, one of your favorite furry friends. There are eight different guides to be—each with her own story that changes as you choose your path. Along the way, you’ll play mini games to dress your guide, find your way, and spot Pepper. Then you’ll celebrate Pepper’s safe return at a special party your friends have thrown just for you. Take time to experience all eight stories, or simply replay the mini games for fast, easy fun. You can also play with a friend by taking turns and choosing a path together!

When you play Runaway Pup, you can earn a total of eight badges in all. If you’re already a student at, each badge is worth 100 Stars. To transfer the Stars, log in to your account through the Runaway Pup app.

Note: If you don’t have an account, you can get one by purchasing a My American Girl doll, which comes with enrollment codes to Innerstar University. To fully access Innerstar University, you will need a computer or device with an Adobe FlashPlayer plug-in. Not all browsers and devices support this plug-in, however.
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