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The Official app of the Did You Know? Blog. A large and interesting collection of facts and trivia.

About the app:

* The app contains a collection of 1500 facts on varied topics.
* The app is available for all the iOS devices including the latest versions of iPad and iPhone.
* Users will be given the option to download further updates which may include free facts in future.
* The app does not contain media content such as videos and other images to ensure it is light and provides the best user experience.
* The app contains an option to favorite the facts and creates a separate list of favorite facts which the user can view later.
* Fact Sources are usually featured on the blog.

About the blog:

The did you know blog (http://did-you-kno.tumblr.com/) is a fact sharing blog with facts usually shared in an image format. As of December 20th 2012, the blog has 800,000 followers on tumblr and 900,000 followers on the Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/didyouknowblog ).


For any query related to the app you can mail me directly didyouknowfact@yahoo.com

What to expect in future?

More and more interesting trivias and facts.
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